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Angora Rabbit Care

Cool - with all this summer heat and humidity it is import to keep your angora rabbit cool. Run fans, use frozen water bottles if your rabbits like them - mine hate them. Try sprinkling cool water behind the ears or cooling off the inside of their ears. If all else fails bring your furry friend inside. Be careful of your basement. Be sure the humidity in the basement is below 50%, no mold and that ventilation is good.

Food - it is important to feed your angora rabbit a good quality feed. It was suggested to me Blue Seal Show & Hutch which has a lot of good ingredients. If you only have one or two rabbits, try bagging up the extra and putting in the freezer.

Water - Keep fresh quality water at all time. I keep both a bottle and a dish for the rabbits as I've found that they flip back and forth between the two. Never seem to know which they will prefer or not drink out of any time so I found it best to give them both. Happy bunnies, happy me.

Hay - Feed good quality Timothy Hay or Orchard Grass Hay. This will help your bunnies digestion. As they are similar to cats where they can get fur blocks (very bad!), the Timothy Hay will keep their digestion going. Rabbit should be fed good quality hay daily. Helps with their teeth and digestion.

Fur Block - in the event your notice smaller bunny pellets or non existent pellets you need to get some papaya enzyme or something to move the block through. Some folks like the papaya tablets you can get at the health food store, I've had really good luck with pineapple juice. I take a small syringe and squirt some in their mouth. Bunnies love it and after a few times I've had great looking bunny pellets.

Brush & Comb -

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