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Our Rabbits and Happenings 2012
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Why Buy from us:

At Alpaca Obsession, LLC we are interested in pursuing the further development of fiber and health of the Angora Rabbit. Our breeding program is established after having each of our Angora Rabbits vet checked by Dr. Spelman in RI who is a world renowned Exotic Vet. We do a blood test on each of our rabbits to establish a healthy breeding stock to the best of our ability. We practice bio-security at our facility so new and show animals remain segregated from our rabbit barn for between 60 and 90 days.

Our goal is to try and understand the advancement of the English and Giant Angora fiber which in our opinion is a fiber industry and even if show stock should be harvested. In order for this to be accomplished we need to not only understand the breeding industry but the advancement of the North American English and Giant Angora Fiber Markets.

Each animal we buy, sell and breed is filtered through the elements

of the following breeding criteria which is similar to our criteria for the Alpacas:

  • Health Check.
  • Improvement of the fineness of the fiber.
  • Body style, do they have good sturdy feet to support the rabbits frame.
  • Improve luster or brightness.
  • Staple length. (minimum of 3 inches before harvesting).
  • Increase density and volume with finer fibers.