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At Alpaca Obsession, LLC we are interested in pursuing the further development of the Northeast Alpaca Herd so our breeding program supports both show and foundation breeding stock. We believe that in order to accomplish this, we need to understand the breeding industry but the full North American Fiber Industry from sheep, alpaca to angora rabbits. Understanding fiber characteristics, its usage, and how it functions within the finished good is critical to ones breeding program whether breeding for show or for foundation stock.

Each animal we buy, sell and breed is filtered through the elements of the following breeding criteria:

  • Soundness of body and limb. How does the animal move is it stiff or fluid.
  • Improvement to the average fineness of the blanket. Here we started with fineness and are hoping that fineness will carry through well over 3 years of age. Our goal is to reduce our herd average to 24 and below micron count at three years of age.
  • Uniformity of the complete blanket. Uniformity includes color, staple length and crimp character.
  • Reduce the amount of primary medulated fibers.
  • Improve luster or brightness
  • Staple length - we believe the staple length should be at least 3 but not more than 4 inches as too long a staple length and you you will not be able to have your fiber processed with a local mini-mill for yarn.
  • Increase density.


Why Full Disclosure? We believe that honesty and integrity are critical to the long-term success of any business. At Alpaca Obsession, LLC we are committed to giving any health and reproductive information available on any animal. We understand how difficult it is to get established and knowledge is essential.

Confirmation and fleece evaluation is discussed up front with as much information as we have available. We encourage you to obtain an outside evaluation however, we believe our information to be honest and true to the best of our ability.